Brooks C. Mendell, Ph.D.

    Author of: Loving Trees is Not Enough:

                      Communication Skills for Natural Resource Professionals

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Book Excerpt

From Chap. 3 on Negotiation...
Telephone negotiations, like telephone interviews, tend to be shorter and may produce additional misunderstandings. Risk comes with speed. Without the benefit of body language and eye contact, both parties have difficulty perceiving inclinations or commitment.

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“Your meeting has generated more positive feedback than any meeting we've ever held & I wanted to pass that on to you.” 
- Forest Genetics Manager, The Westervelt Company

“Loving Trees is Not Enough...will be useful to landowners, too, who have to make their wishes known to timber buyers, loggers, consulting foresters, trespassers and neighbors.” 
- Review in November 2006 Capital Ideas, newsletter of the Alabama Forest Owners' Association

“Dr. Mendell is a great teacher and good example for all the students in his class.  His professional manner helped me learn how to apply the class material to my life.”
- Student evaluation, University of Georgia

 “This has been the most beneficial class I have taken in college.  I have already landed two jobs using the skills I learned….Brooks is a great communicator and educator….” 
- Student evaluation, University of Georgia